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Autor: masa


Ideen aus der Eifel Eifelnetzwerk this demo by Sagewerk

Hind Sight

The Forbidden Planet was not merely an ancient world lost to time—it was a prison, a gateway to realms beyond their understanding. They had unwittingly set loose a force that threatened not only their lives but the very fabric of the universe itself. The desert planet, a riddle waiting to be unraveled, held its secrets close, leaving the crew with a lingering sense of awe and dread, a constant reminder of their insignificance in the face of an unforgiving universe.

Heart Ache

Sandstorms raged across the barren landscape, their fury obscuring the horizon and leaving a veil of gritty particles that stung the skin. The sun, a distant orb of fiery intensity, cast an unforgiving glare that scorched the unforgiving land.